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Make no mistake about it.
The all-new, color-correct VHO "Pro" LED LiteRibbon™ is a breakthrough.

It's the first and only color-correct, flexible LED ribbon on the planet. While it features an impressive 95 CRI rating, that's only a small part of the story of VHO "Pro." After years of formulation and extensive testing with A-list gaffers and renowned cinematographers, the fruits of our labor are finally available. Other similar products claim "high-CRI" or "no-green," but pale in comparison to VHO "Pro's" full-spectrum color rendering. There are 24 variations to choose from for your next project.

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There are 24 variations of color correct LiteRibbon.
See all density variations: 120 (high density) or 60 (low density).

See all width variations: X1 (one row wide), X2 (two rows wide), X3 (three rows wide), or X6 (six rows wide).

See all white-color variations: Tungsten, Daylite, or Hybrid.

VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R), "HARD" 120 and "SOFT" 60 (Emitter Density)
VHO Pro 120 provides a concentrated, slightly “hard” output at about 1.5 watts per square inch. When specifying an intense light source for a small area, VHO Pro 120 is a great choice.

When more subdued light is required, VHO Pro 60 provides an unmistakably "soft" light output. Clocking in at just 0.37 watts per square inch, it produces beautiful, soft light without the need for diffusion.

If applying LED LiteRibbon(R) to an automobile interior headliner, choose the harder VHO Pro 120 to augment the dome light. The smaller but more powerful output will yield a nice, directional, and believable output. Conversely, to provide a soft and subtle overhead feel, VHO Pro 60 is recommended; because it spreads the LED emitters out over a larger area, a softer light output is created. This is a great way to provide a delicate and sourceless overhead light.

LED LiteRibbon(R), X1, X2, X3, and X6 (Width)

If the desired type of light is linear, X1, X2 or X3 are great choices. These provide light output that is sharp and cuttable in one direction but softer in the other. In contrast, the size of X6 provides a less linear output and is a great choice to achieve pools of light. The choice between X1, X2, X3, or X6 comes down to the amount of surface area your project requires.

Color-Correct VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R) in Tungsten, Daylite, and Hybrid

VHO Pro Tungsten provides an incandescent-like color that appears warm to the eye and to the camera. Performing at 3200K and 95 CRI, VHO Pro Tungsten is named for the metallic element that has been commonly associated with incandescent lighting. It beautifully mixes with legacy tungsten and halogen light sources and dims without Kelvin temperature shift.

VHO Pro Daylite provides midday, sun-like hues that can be used to boost available daylight without the use of filters. Performing at 6000K and 95 CRI, VHO Pro Daylite is named for the industry term used for other daylight, color-correct technologies like fluorescent and HMI. It has more in common with these other technologies than its name. VHO Pro Daylite has been designed to match color and spectrum making it easy to openly mix light sources and lighting technologies.

VHO Pro Hybrid provides all the benefits of VHO Pro Tungsten and Daylite along with the range of Kelvin temperatures between 3200K and 6000K. This obvious advantage allows your LiteRibbon(R) package or kit to always provide the required white balance without the need for filters. When used with our LiteDimmer(TM) Hybrid, you get granular control of Kelvin temperature along with master brightness and with its LOW mode, it is possible to achieve ultra precise low-light level control.

Additional LiteRibbon product lines include:
CHROMA SINGLE Color (Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Yellow), CHROMA MULTIPLE Color (RGB, RGBW [White], RGBA [Amber/Yellow]), and ECO (SINGLE White [WARM or COOL], SINGLE Color Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Yellow, and Color-Mixing RGB).

LiteStix are linear housings for the LiteRibbon product line. They are made of extruded aluminum and include a white PMMA diffuser. At one meter long and with more than ten different styles available, LiteStix formalize the installation of LED LiteRibbon. LiteStix are sold separately so you can choose the right LiteRibbon for your installation. We also have LiteStix "Pro" - pre-made LiteStix in a "HALF-ROUND" profile with LiteRibbon and connectors already installed.

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VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R), 120-X1 Daylite
VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R), 120-X1 Daylite
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120-X1 Daylite LiteRibbon(R) is high density and one row of emitters wide at 6000K.