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VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R), 60-X2 Tungsten
VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R), 60-X2 Tungsten

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Genuine VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R), 60-X2 Tungsten
60-X2 Tungsten LiteRibbon(R) is low density, meaning there are 60 of our color-correct VHO Pro LED emitters per meter. It is double wide, X2, which means all the LEDs are assembled in two rows on a 33mm (1.3") wide flexible backing material. VHO Pro Tungsten provides an incandescent-like color that appears warm to the eye and to the camera. Performing at 3200K and 95 CRI, VHO Pro Tungsten is named for the metallic element that has been commonly associated with incandescent lighting. It beautifully mixes with legacy tungsten and halogen light sources and dims without Kelvin temperature shift.

60-X2 Tungsten is pre-wired with a male barrel (BAR.M) connector, packaged in an anti-static envelope, and available in 4 lengths:
2.5 meter length, 300 LEDs. Size: 33mm x 2500mm (1.3" x 98.4"), 16mm Pitch*. Spec: 12V, 4.0A, 48W, BAR.M Input
1.25 meter length, 150 LEDs. Size: 33mm x 1250mm (1.3" x 49.2"), 16mm Pitch*. Spec: 12V, 2.0A, 24W, BAR.M Input
0.65 meter length, 78 LEDs. Size: 33mm x 650mm (1.3" x 25.6"), 16mm Pitch*. Spec: 12V, 1.04A, 12.8W, BAR.M Input
0.35 meter length, 42 LEDs. Size: 33mm x 350mm (1.3" x 13.7"), 16mm Pitch*. Spec: 12V, 0.56A, 6.72W, BAR.M Input

*Pitch refers to the distance between individual emitters.

The LED building blocks for your next great idea(TM).
LiteRibbon(R) is a product with hundreds of uses. One of these is custom flat-panel lighting fixtures. LiteRibbon(R) can be assembled in an array on a thin, lightweight panel of nearly any shape or size. You can then use it as a handheld fill or flood in a tight spot. Or you could wrap LiteRibbon(R) around a tube and place it inside a pole-mounted, battery-operated chinese lantern to create an airy, super soft light that will beautifully reproduce skin tones over the full dimmable range. Use VHO Pro Hybrid, and you now add adjustable Kelvin temperature too. Combine VHO Pro LiteRibbon(R) LED products with our best-in-class LiteDimmer(TM) controls, and it is your next great idea waiting to happen.

Genuine VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon(R) is available in 24 variations.

When shooting at a practical location, LiteRibbon(R) has many uses and advantages over traditional lighting gear. Because of its lightweight, miniature size and adhesive backing, LiteRibbon(R) is the most low impact form of lighting available. Capable of being installed under kitchen cabinets and controlled by a LiteDimmer(TM) with a small battery placed inside the cabinet, the homeowner will never know you were there. Whether boosting daylight or creating a subtle under-cabinet glow at night, you are sure to have as much (or as little) controllable, low-impact, color-correct light as needed.

It is the only color-correct, color-balanced LED ribbon available.

Perhaps LiteRibbon(R)’s most appealing use is within the interior of a vehicle. It is here that nearly all of its advantages are fully realized. Flexibility allows it to conform to irregular shapes. Cuttability allows just the right amount of light in just the right location of the vehicle. Dimmability lets you easily fine-tune the output especially during "magic hour" when the available light is rapidly changing. Adding our automated controls allows LiteRibbon(R) to serve as a lighting effect for a "poor-man’s-process" setup.

Photo: "El Cielo es Azul" (Steven Fierberg, ASC)

Download the VHO Pro Catalog.
Pick up the entire catalog of color-correct LiteRibbon(R) including photometrics, specifications, and "to scale" layouts
Download the datasheet by clicking HERE.

Did you know there are all-new LiteRibbon(R) Pro Kits?
Yep, packaged in genuine Pelican(TM) brand cases, the new kits include great selections of color-correct LED LiteRibbon(R), Chroma LiteRibbon(R), and LiteStix(TM) Pro linear softlights.
See the kits HERE. Or, download the datasheet by clicking HERE.
Be sure to pick up power supplies and dimmers in the all-new LitePower(TM) Packs.
Our LitePower(TM) Packs are the perfect companion for 60-X2 Tungsten LiteRibbon(R). Each pack includes everything you need for manual control of LiteRibbon(R) including our flicker-free LiteDimmer(TM), a power supply, and cables and adapters, all packed into a simple kit case.
See the kit HERE. Or, download the datasheet by clicking HERE.

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