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LiteStix "Pro" HYBRID (Bi-Color), Fully-Assembled Aluminum Housing VHO "Pro" LED LiteRibbon

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Fully assembled LED fixtures, ready to shoot.
Made of color-correct LED LiteRibbon™ using genuine VHO Pro emitters.

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LiteStix PRO Length:
15cm (6") Length
30cm (12") Length [Add $18.00]
60cm (24") Length [Add $45.00]
90cm (36") Length [Add $72.00]

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LiteStix "Pro" is factory-assembled using Half Round aluminum profiles. They include the all-new VHO "Pro" LED LiteRibbon™ in Tungsten (3200K), Daylite (5600), or Hybrid (3200K ~ 6000K). They are completely wired and available in 15cm (6") 30cm (12"), 60cm (24"), and 90cm (36") lengths. Made of extruded aluminum with a frosted poly lens, LiteStix formalize the installation of LiteRibbon by protecting the LEDs from environmental elements as well as by obscuring the visibility of the individual emitters. The end result is a beautiful finished light fixture. Production Designers and Art Directors will love the look while the Set Lighting department will enjoy their choice of LiteRibbon and the controls to power it. The new VHO "Pro" LED LiteRibbon™ is the simplest color-correct lighting product available. Years in the making, just 3 simple components make this minimal light source created exclusively for cinema and TV production. At its core, the new VHO "Pro" LED emitters are a design breakthrough. We have created a beautiful, full-spectrum, white light that renders skin-tones and colors to their natural state. VHO "Pro" emitters are fully color-correct and blend freely with legacy tungsten and fluorescent units as well as modern high-end LED fixtures from Arri, Mole Richardson and others.

VHO "Pro" emitters are the first LEDs to bring high CRI, full-spectrum, color-correct white light to what we call low-output LED products. Typically reserved for high wattage and high cost LED fixtures, the new VHO Pro line brings color-correct white light into the affordable range. LiteRibbon™ is a single row of wide-angle, low profile LED emitters mounted to a flexible adhesive-backed circuit board which has cut points located after every 3 emitters. It has been designed specifically to be used as a light source when either flexibility, size, or low power consumption are critical. The intensity of LiteRibbon is determined by the number of LEDs per meter. The higher the number, the greater the intensity. All VHO "Pro" LiteRibbon™ is available in two Kelvin Temperatures: Tungsten (3200k) and Daylite (6000K).

The VHO family has an entire control, power, and distribution ecosystem, which allows a wide variety of options to handle any situation. All colors and types of VHO "Pro" LiteRibbon use the same emitters. This allows maximum flexibility in finding the precise amount of light needed for any application. If you want to design an LED panel that is small, very bright, and can be used in tight spaces, VHO 120 may be a good choice. If soft light is desired, a larger panel with VHO 60 spreads the same quantity of emitters over a larger area and creates a beautiful, near-shadowless quality. All LiteRibbon™ products include the necessary electronics to allow for simple, plug-and-play use. LiteRibbon™ is capable of full-range dimming without color shift. Powering LiteRibbon™ is a snap, simply provide DC voltage between 8v and 12v DC and you are all set. No drivers necessary. A simple, standard electrical connector allows for quick, on-the-fly operation. Custom lengths can be ordered up to 5 meters long with choice of wire type, lead length, and connector.

For more info about the all-new VHO "Pro" LiteRibbon™ line, see it's product page at LiteGear.com or pickup the brochure here.

Be sure to order LiteDimmers and Power Supplies, sold separately!
VHO Pro emitters have been specifically formulated to render skin-tones beautifully. Their wide-angle output, combined with their ultra-low power consumption allows for precise control of daylight or tungsten balanced light in previously impossible areas of the set or prop or wardrobe project. Digital cinema cameras are finally living up to their promise of using less light without loss of image quality. Therefore, precise low output control of beautiful white light is more important than ever. VHO Pro Tungsten and Daylite is full-spectrum color-correct light with a 120º output at only 0.16 watts each!

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